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Finalised with researchers and end-users, Elice is currently developing a specific product, Leo, including a device, smart plastic consumables embedding DetScan™ technology and a dedicated reagent.

  • Thanks to its electrochemical technology, Leo benefits from the advantages of any electronic based technology: it is inexpensive, robust, reliable and easy to implement.
  • Leo is particularly suitable for parallelised analysis of DNA, RNA and protein samples.
  • Leo enables to shift from optic based analysis to electrochemical based analysis for a broad range of biological molecular applications including qPCR, HRM, protein interactions analysis.
  • Our consumable is available in a 48-well format with two ranges of product: wells for 50ul and wells for 25ul



Leo allows to perform several usual molecular biology applications in routine use, without specific expertise, and with cost and time saving process:

  • Isothermal amplification
  • PCR and Real Time PCR
  • Melting curves
  • Genotyping
  • SNP analysis
  • HRM
  • Protein Thermal Shift Assay

Product benefits

Leo uses the same protocols as the optical approaches, the electrochemical DNA binding probe being also patented for PCR applications.

  • Benchtop size: our solution is easy to handle and allows space savings.
  • Multifunction: our product is dedicated to the majority of daily used applications in molecular biology labs.
  • User-friendly environment: no specific skill is required.
  • No post-analytic treatment (time & cost saving process).
  • No internal calibration is needed.
  • Low cost (electronic based technology).

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