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Elice, a French company created in 2009, has developed a breakthrough technology for biodetection: DetScan™.

Thanks to its technology, its know-how and its expertise in the biosensor field, Elice develops and commercializes innovative and easy to use instruments for molecular biology laboratories. Based on several years of research, DetScan™ technology allows an electrochemical, parallelised and real-time detection of biological molecules.

Elice is a spin-off from the LEM (University of Paris Diderot), a French academic laboratory which focuses on both fundamental and applied aspects of molecular and biomolecular electrochemistry. Elice is a subsidiary of Quattrocento, an industrial company specialised in emerging new technologies from academic laboratories.

Elice & DetScan™ technology have been awarded numerous honours and awards (French National Ministry of Research and Higher Education, 2009 & 2010; Paris Diderot Innovation Prize, 2006).



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